Thank you for filling out our Nonprofit Organization Application for Coaching.

To review, the next steps of the application and coaching process are as follows:

1. Once your application is complete, we will begin matching you with one of our volunteer coaches based on your needs and their specific area of expertise. We will contact you within the next 14 business days to share information regarding your coach, determine fees for coaching (if any) and outline next steps. As soon as you have your coach’s information, please contact him or her as soon as possible.

2. During your initial communications with your coach, you’ll arrange for the coaching to be provided for a total of three to four hours per month, for three months. This will most often be via telephone or Skype, and of course, face-to-face meetings are encouraged if geography permits.

3. Mid-way through your coaching, we’ll check in and see how you’re doing.

4. At the end of the three months of coaching, you’ll receive a request from us for a final evaluation so we can monitor the success of our program.

Nominate an Organization for Coaching
Do You Know a Nonprofit Group that Could Benefit from Coaching?

The Coach Initiative is eager to support nonprofit initiatives that serve to better the human condition and uplift the human spirit. If you know of a nonprofit organization or project that would benefit from the support of professional coaches, please take the initiative to make the connection.


  • Contact the nonprofit organization or project leader directly, by forwarding this link and suggesting the completion of the application form.
  • Nominate the organization or project by sending an email to [email protected] We will get in touch with the nonprofit organization to discuss whether coaching from The Coach Initiative would be a good fit.

Please email us at [email protected] for more information.