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The purpose of The Coach Initiative is to increase the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations through pro bono (“for the public good”) professional Coaching. We pair leaders and others involved in nonprofit initiatives with professional coaches to provide business, leadership, and life coaching services. Pro bono coaching means dedicated, professional coaches are volunteering their time and energy to coach you through The Coach Initiative. Coaching will be offered to you on an affordable or no-cost basis, depending on your organization’s ability to pay.

You’ve learned more about what we do, and you’re ready to take the next step. Apply now to experience the support of a professional coach and become even more effective in achieving your mission: complete the online form or send an email to [email protected] with the following information.

Requested Information

  1. A brief description of your organization, including its objectives and structure.
  2. Website address for the organization.
  3. A brief statement from the president, CEO or board chair indicating the approval and support of the application and the Coaching Program.
  4. Brief responses to the following critical questions:
    1. How will coaching of your organization’s executives, leaders or other key players impact the work and objectives of your organization?
    2. For whom are you seeking coaching support?
    3. What is your organization’s commitment to participate in this Coaching Program?
    4. To what extent will the organization’s Board and Executive Team participate in or support this program?
    5. How will your organization promote this Coaching Program to its staff and gain their commitment?
    6. To what extent is your organization willing to support staff to receive coaching during normal business hours?
    7. How will your organization use this Coaching Program as part of your staff’s personal and career developmental plan?
  5. What kind, if any, financial or public relations support is your organization willing to contribute to further the impact of The Coach Initiative’s Coaching Program?
    1. Donation
    2. Grants
    3. Corporate underwriting
    4. Information on website
    5. Public statements by organization leadership
    6. Testimonials of clients
    7. Other

The information you provide will help us match you with volunteer coaches that meet your needs, evaluate the work of The Coach Initiative and make adjustments along the way to make The Coach Initiative even more effective.

Click here to apply:  Nonprofit Application