Coach Qualifications

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer coach for The Coach Initiative. We hope to be meeting you soon. To qualify as a Coach Initiative coach, you will need to fulfill one of the criteria below.

Option 1: You hold a professional coaching credential from the ICF, IAC, WABC or other internationally recognized credentialing body.

Option 2: You have completed a course of study in a professional coaching school or university, and you have coached for more than two years

Option 3: You’ve coached for more than four years and are not credentialed or a graduate of a coaching school or university.

Volunteer Coaches
Our coaches come from a variety of backgrounds, industries and geographies, which ensures that we can find a good fit for your organization.
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Get Involved as a Volunteer…and Have an Impact
Whether you are a coach or other talented professional who believes in the power of coaching to change the world, there is a place for you in The Coach Initiative. We are always interested in connecting with enthusiastic individuals who would like to contribute in their own small or big way. Opportunities to get involved include:

You will find in working with us that we are a professional bunch that likes to laugh while remaining passionate about our commitment. We welcome creativity and the unique contributions of all of our volunteers. Won’t you join us??

Are you ready to share the gift of your coaching expertise in order to create your own legacy and to help expand the impact of the nonprofit organization/s you will support through coaching? The Coach Initiative provides an opportunity for coaches to contribute something meaningful while doing something they love to do—coach. Complete the application form now.

We call on our volunteer coaches to support nonprofits engaged across a range of meaningful issues, including:

  • empowering young people to raise themselves out of poverty and become global citizens
  • raising funds to combat life-threatening illnesses and to improve the lives of those touched by these illnesses
  • deconstructing conflict, reducing violence and promoting peaceful alternatives
  • and more (nominate a nonprofit cause now!)