What Clients Have to Say About Us

“It was an incredible opportunity. We were at a point at which we needed to begin to think more strategically and long term about the future of the organization—how we were going to go from reacting day to day to more of a long-term strategy and making sure our actions every day were leaning toward that. I’m just delighted with the experience; we got so much value out of it. I’ve worked with coaches for years, and I have had great coaches in the past, but this has been one of the most beneficial experiences I have ever had.”

Nick Hall, President
Graham’s Foundation

“The most important thing that my coach did for me was make it possible to do work of a higher caliber. My coach helped me cut my project list in half, and with the extra time I had, I was able to do more lobbying and more grant writing, and we were able to get a grant that helped the Madrid Coalition [an organization of about fifty peace-keeping organizations in Israel, Palestine, and Europe] finance their first year of operations. Working with The Coach Initiative was tremendously beneficial in a way that I continue to benefit from. I would be delighted to welcome more coaches from the Coach Initiative into our organization.”

David Kellen, Director of Strategic Affairs Unit
The Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information

“The experience was amazing. My coach offered an objective sounding board not connected to my day-to-day work and helped me realize what I needed to be a more effective leader for Public Allies. Before we began, I thought that I just needed to motivate myself to focus more on fundraising. Through our conversations and the DISC assessment, I learned to appreciate my staff more, predict what information my board needs, and [understand] how to support my own wellness as a leader. Public Allies DC and I are making significant progress with fundraising, and the lessons learned go well beyond my original goals.”

Nakeisha Jones, Executive Director
Public Allies, Washington DC

What Coaches Have to Say About Us

“My coaching experience with The Coach Initiative has been a very enriching one. The Coach Initiative has provided me with a platform to create that beautiful difference in so many unique lives out there in the different parts of the world. This has indeed been a heart-warming experience for me and the clients. I take this opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate The Coach Initiative for touching so many lives so gently and so selflessly to spread peace, joy, love and light in this world!”

Sunita Chhibar, Executive Coach, PCC/CPC
Mumbai, India

“The Coach Initiative has created an outstanding opportunity to make a contribution to an international not-for-profit so that their leaders can be more effective in significantly shaping the future of the organization. In order that the process can be successful, the organization of The Coach Initiative is impeccable. And suggestions and ideas are welcome to improve and develop the work of The Coach Initiative, which enables the reach to be broadened and deepened so that more organizations can benefit.”

Halina Jaroszewska, PCC
Bristol, United Kingdom