Welcome to The Coach Initiative, where we match experienced coaches who excel at what they do, with ambitious nonprofit organizations who are ready to take their work—and their organizations—to the next level.

What is Coaching?

The power of coaching comes from its supportive and dynamic nature: clients enjoy the benefits of consistent support and regular accountability while working with an inquisitive partner who invites the client to set customized goals and to then generate organic approaches to meeting those goals. It’s all about what works best for the given client and organization. It’s an effective blend that allows the client to tailor the coaching relationship to the organization’s unique situation.

Nonprofit organizations that receive coaching from The Coach Initiative typically engage in coaching three to four times per month over the course of three months. Coaching takes place over the phone or via Skype (with in-person meetings when geographically possible). Coaching engagements may be extended by request and with approval of The Coach Initiative. We are here to support you in supporting the world!

By providing a structured coaching engagement to targeted leaders or individuals within nonprofit organizations, The Coach Initiative is able to give customized support that helps these organizations work through a variety of issues, whether that be the need for a stronger vision, improved employee and volunteer morale, more effective fundraising, or new solutions to old personnel challenges. Each nonprofit organization sets is own unique agenda for the coaching process, to ensure it receives coaching support in the most needed areas.

The Coach Initiative brings the best of coaching to nonprofit organizations across the globe to help them bring their best into the world.

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