Our Donors

We are deeply grateful for the financial support of many amazing individuals and organizations.

Establishing Grant
First, we joyfully acknowledge The Harnisch Foundation, who generously provided an establishing grant to The Coach Initiative. We value their support of coaching as a profession as well as their vision to help nonprofit organizations build a base of sustaining support.

Financial Supporters
Next, we express our deep gratitude to all of you who have contributed to this cause, helping to improve the lives of people and communities served by nonprofits all over the world, from Waterville, Ohio and Washington, DC, to Angola and Sri Lanka.

Ruth Ann Harnisch
Sandy Vilas
Dr. Cheryl Clark
Neil Alcala / Direct Pay, Inc.
Ben Croft/WBECS
Albert Spicer
Anneli Driessen
Azaria Akashi
Bill Lindberg
Bobbi Gemma
Bobette Reeder
Brent Brower
Brett Miles
Conversation Among Masters {CAM} (Donna Steinhorn, Bobette Reeder, Guy Stickney)
Christopher McAuliffe
Darla Phillips
Deborah Brown-Volkman
Diana Anderson
Diane Krause-Stetson
Don Booz
Don Maruska
Don Pet
Donna Karlin
Donna Steinhorn
Doug Autenrieth
Drazia Simon
Edgar Greville
Ellen Fredericks
Eric Tonningsen
Gail Sussman-Miller
Garry Schleifer
Guy Stickney
Heather Kaye
Jack Canfield
James Merrell
James Redmond
Jeannine Sandstrom
Jerry & Phyllis Campagna
Jim Robley
Jodi Larson
Jodi Sleeper-Triplett
John Arnold
Jorge Oliveira
Jory Desjardins
John Hoover
Joyce Odidison
Kanu Kogod
Kathy Trickey
Ken Abrams
Kerry Zurier
Larry Williamson
Linda Finkle
Linda Hall
Linda Yort
Lola White
Lynn McIntyre Coffey
Margie Heiler
Maria Nemeth
Marcia Grubel
Marsha Lehman
Meryl Moritz
Michael Jaffe
Mila Aliana
Minx Boren
Mitchell Mays
National Speakers Association
Patricia Hirsch
Phyllis Haynes
Renee Barnow
Sali Taylor
Sally McCue
Sara Smith
Scott Blanchard
Sigrid Gustafson
Siobhan Murphy
Steve C. Mitten
Susan Meyer, Ed.D.
Suzanne Murray
Sylvia Ferronyalka
Tamara Keefe
Terri Hase
Terri Mays
Wilbert Klingmeyer

Special thanks to Chad Barr of CB Software, Inc. for his generous donation of our website.

Please forgive us if we have omitted your name from this list or not yet updated it to include our recent donors. You are always welcome to send us a reminder at [email protected]

In-Kind Contributors (Products, Services and Discounts)
Phyllis Haynes (Audio-interviews for the newsletter and strategic planning meeting facilitation)
Robert Stack (Public relations support with the launch in 2007)
Xynomedia (Website platform)
The Chad Barr Group (Website design and implementation)
StyleMatters Writing Services (Website copywriting)

Why Donate?

β€œLet us make one point, that we meet each other with a smile, when it is difficult to smile. Smile at each other, make time for each other in your family.”

― Mother Teresa

The Coach Initiative relies on the generous support of esteemed donors like yourself, from individuals to organizations and corporations. While the services we provide to nonprofit organizations are offered by our professional volunteers, we require funds to afford the necessary resources to operate our programs and expand our reach and results.

Our mission is to support nonprofit initiatives worldwide, through coaching, to make a greater positive global impact of projects that focus on the betterment of the human condition and on uplifting the human spirit. Because of our firm belief in the coaching process, we know that projects supported by coaches will have an even greater positive impact on the world.

The Coach Initiative supports nonprofits engaged across a range of meaningful issues to help them to deliver on their missions, including:

  • empowering young people to raise themselves out of poverty and become global citizens
  • raising funds to combat life-threatening illnesses and to improve the lives of those touched by these illnesses
  • deconstructing conflict, reducing violence and promoting peaceful alternatives
  • and more (nominate a nonprofit cause now!)

Learn more about our mission, vision and values, the nonprofit organizations we serve and the stories they have to tell about us (Testimonials).